The Effects of Divorce on Children

Effects Of Divorce for Your Children

Author: angela

All children feel stress, confused and frustrated of their parents divorce. The splitting up of their parents make children afraid to life will be like after divorce. Positive effects on your children can only accomplish when you have ability to communicate with your child successfully. Always give them comfort, safety and support take care from yourself and your ex. Maintain a civil relationship with your ex also important because it can give confidence for them. Try to know and give all they need could make your child able to express their feelings and emerge from this unsettling time a stronger more resilient person.

Children want to feel protected and loved more than anything else. Children with separated parents know that nothing will ever be the same again. Their world and life will change. Their mom and dad will not be around also may lost contact with other extended family. They afraid of being abandoned and have a realistic fear if they lose one parent mean they may lose others like relationship friends, pets, siblings, neighbors etc.

Some children even consider that the break up of the family is somehow their fault. This mistaken notion makes aggression and defiance in children. They usually show depression symptoms like angry, uncooperative and stressful, eating disorder even suicide. Generally younger children need less detail about the separation or divorce and will receive better with a simple explanation. Older children will seek out more information and ask the reasons for the separation.

If you are taking care of yourself, its means provide good care for your children of being emotionally available to them. You will either be reassuring or distressing to your child depending on your physical and emotional state. Your kids will feel more comfort if you are able to be calm and emotionally presenting around.

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