A Tactic to Use in Family Court That Works…

If you and your ex are fighting for sole custody of your child or children, here is a tactic that will work in your favor. When you get to court for the first time, allow your partner to say whatever malicious and evil, damaging things they want to say about you. Remain silent and do not express any disgust at what they’re saying. When it’s your turn to speak, say that following (feel free to change the wording a bit)

Your honor, my ex-husband/wife {insert name here} is a great parent. In the past 7 years since our child was born, we have parented Billy together—taking him to school, doctor’s visits and caring for his needs jointly. I believe that we can work together to come up with a solution that will work well for our family. I am willing to do whatever it takes to make sure we all have  a great working relationship.

Then don’t say anything else. Which parent sounds like the better parent? The one that wants to drag the other’s name in the mud? Or the one who has no bad things (even if you can think of a thousand) to say about the other parent. When you get home you can tell your friends how much of a scumbag he is, just don’t tell the judge or anyone involved with the case.

If there are issues that you think should be addressed, you may have to bring these up. But always mention how much you want to get past these issues and work together with the other parent.

As with any other advice, consulting an attorney about your rights is advised. Remember, you can always consult an attorney about specific legal issues and still use mediation in your custody determination. It’s usually better to go with mediation than an attorney, as mediators don’t have the incentive to drag your case out to make more money. You’re not going to stay in mediation for 7 years without a resolution, but you can certainly stay in family court that long. Before hiring anyone, consider this question: “Which one of them is most motivated to make the most money off of my difficult situation?”

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